The Number 100

The 100 Song video gets better when you watch it 100 times! You can use this video to help celebrate the 100 Days of School or to learn all about the number 100.


100 is awesome
100 is great
100 days of school
It’s time to celebrate!

When you are counting you start with one
Then two, three, four, five, isn’t this fun!
You get to six, seven, eight, and nine,
Then what’s next? It’s listen up time!

Next is ten: a one and a zero
If you can keep going you’ll be a hero
Eleven then twelve, then you hit the teens
Let’s jump by tens and skip the in-betweens

Twenty then thirty then forty then fifty
Sixty, seventy, eighty, it’s not that tricky
Ninety, ninety-one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
What’s next? I just can’t wait!

Ninety-nine is next then two numbers turn to three:
A one, zero, zero, listen to me!
This is one hundred, let’s stop here and rest
I’m gonna show you why one hundred is the best!

100 is awesome
100 is great
100 days of school
It’s time to celebrate!

Now you can count to 100 in many different ways
Don’t know about you but I could count for days!
One hundred ones, or ten groups of ten
Or five groups of twenty, if you’re tired say ‘when’!

100 is the roman numeral C
If you live 100 years, it’s called a century
Over here we have a percent sign
Two dots and a slanted line

A percent is an amount, also called a fraction
It’s out of 100, I’ll show you it in action:
75 percent, you can still add more!
100 percent, that’s a perfect score!

A dollar is made up of 100 cents, OK?
It’s the same with the Euro, and in the UK:
A pound is made up of 100p
Is there more cool stuff? Maybe. Wait and see!

100 is awesome
100 is great
100 days of school
It’s time to celebrate!

If you thought we we’re finished, well nope, we’re not!
When we are talkin’ about 100 we don’t ever stop!
We’re gonna get advanced now, but have no fears
If you don’t understand, come back in a few years

There is more to 100, you should be aware:
10 times 10 is 100, the same as 10 squared
The metric system measures, it’s not hard
100 centimeters is a meter, that’s about a yard

At zero degrees, the water will freeze!
Heat it up it will boil at 100 degrees!
100 Celsius is here in plain sight
The same as 212 degrees Fahrenheit!

We gotta go quick, we are almost out of time:
100 is the sum of the first 9 prime…
Numbers! If you want to take a rocket out of here
100 kilometers up you’ll leave the earth’s atmosphere