A star explains what a star is and why it twinkles!

Lyrics (the star’s speech)

Stars are actually giant balls of super duper hot gas held together by gravity. We make our own light and heat energy and we do this, by – are you ready? – by burning hydrogen gas into helium gas and this is called Nuclear Fusion. That sounds a bit confusing so you can learn more about that later.

But for now, did you know we are not even pointy up close. Yep. We are just round balls. And we don’t actually twinkle! You just think we do, because when you look up you see our light, and it’s shining through layers of the Earth’s atmosphere – and that atmosphere moves around and has different temperatures, and this makes the light kind of bounce around, and that light bouncing around is what you see that makes it look like we are twinkling. Fascinating!

Fine go then… hey… why don’t you go ask the sun what it is? Huh? Actually, don’t bother, you KNOW WHY? Because I already know the answer… the sun IS a star.