Social & Emotional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) is about being aware of ourselves and others. Watch this SEL video to learn more!


When I see someone I can say “Hi!”
And when I talk to them I look them in the eye
If I don’t know them then I might introduce me
And say my name clearly so they understand me

When I play with others I don’t scream or shout
And everybody gets a turn so they’re not left out
It’s your turn on the slide, this is how we share
Use the playground together, this is how we play fair

When I am near others I respect their personal space
This means I am not super close to their face
I can pretend everyone is inside of a bubble
And I stay out of their bubble to stay out of trouble

If I am angry or excited I might lose control
I have to think about my feelings, that is the goal
To calm down I can count or go out for a walk
Or draw, or write, or talk to an adult