Without prepositions we wouldn’t be able to locate things! Luckily, this video will take you inside and outside the world of inside and outside… and below… and between… and… 

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Prepositions Practice

More Prepositions from Scratch Garden!


Above, Below, in Front of, Behind
Above, Below, in Front of, Behind
Keep on listening to the rhyme
About Above, Below, in Front of, Behind

Now the bat is ABOVE the cat
Just like the cat is BELOW the bat
And the rat is now is IN FRONT OF the cat
Just like the cat is BEHIND the rat

Inside, Outside, Beside, Between
Inside, Outside, Beside, Between
Keep on listening you’ll know what I mean
Inside, Outside, Beside, Between

Now the rocks are INSIDE the box
Now the rocks are OUTSIDE the box
And the fox is BESIDE the blocks
Now the fox is BETWEEN the blocks

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