Parts of the Head

You are probably reading these words with your eyes, right? ‘See’ what we did there? Learn even more about sight and your other important senses with our Parts of the Head Video. 


You eyes are on your face
There’s 2 of them there
And with them you see
Hey look a bear!

Your nose is on your face
And it has 2 holes
With them you smell,
And sometimes hair grows!

Your ears on your head
On the left and on the right
With them you can hear things
Like crickets at night!

Your lips are on your face
Surrounding your mouth
With them you make noise
Like cry, scream, or shout!

Your tongue is in your mouth
What’s it doing there?
It helps you make sounds
And taste food, like this pear!

Your teeth are in your mouth
Yeah there’s a whole bunch!
They help you chew food,
Crunch crunch munch munch!

And what about your hair?
It’s all over the place
It helps you keep warm
And it can hide your face!

Your neck is at the bottom
Holding up your head
If you didn’t have your neck
Then you might lose your head!