All the Dance Freeze Songs are here!
It’s the world’s 1st coding songs album!
Scratch Garden Volume 5 is alive!
Volume 4 has lots more!
Vol. 3 is Salamander Approved!
Go Bananas with our 2nd Album!
Our First Album has been certified ‘Awesome’


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Educational Songs for Kids:

Get Attuned with the Rhyme and Rhythm of Learning!

Listening to music is a fantastic way to increase one’s focus and is an invaluable tool to educate kids. With music, children and learners of all ages have the potential to pick up the basics of language, math, and other subjects much faster.
We have an impressive collection of educational songs for kids even that teachers, parents will also enjoy singing along and dancing to. It has always been our goal to make music that is accessible to ALL AGES. You may hear your kids (or yourself) humming these catchy tunes around the house. With our music your children or students will of course develop communication skills faster than other kids. Our music covers a large range of styles – from softer sounding nursery rhymes to rock n’ roll to rap to jazz. The music variety is in itself a lesson: your child will grow up appreciating the finer aspects of the world of music!
At the end of each day, your child will learn more about colors, sentence formation, the alphabet and numbers, seasons and months. These learning songs are actually FUN to listen to, and nourish their curious and imaginative minds. You can turn on the music player and entertain and teach your child all at the same time.
Learning with Scratch Garden is amazing!