What do you Need for a Summer Time Mind?

Posted on Jul 12, 2018
What do you Need for a Summer Time Mind?

Summer is here and that means it’s time to delight in long hot days with plenty of bright sunshine. People prepare for relaxing times at the beach or some other favourite spot, while kids take a breather from arduous schoolwork.

Summer seems to be the time when everyone breathes a sigh of relief from the challenges of work and enjoys the pleasure of a break. But taking the entire summer without exercising our brain in some way may not be the best idea. If we do that, we just may find returning to school, work, or other mental challenges will be more difficult. Our mind can get a bit rusty from lack of use. That doesn’t mean you need to enroll in summer classes, although that’s always optional, but it means you can put your brain to work and have fun relaxing all at the same time! It’s not hard.

The Sun is Fun but it is also a learning opportunity: the sun provides us with light, heat, and food!

Here are a few ways you can enjoy your summer but still sneak in a bit of brain exercise at the same time, and if you have kids, it’s the perfect way to make sure they don’t lose too much knowledge over the summer.

Visit Some Museums

Museums are a great way to unwind and learn at the same time. Find a museum that is of interest to you and/or your family. Make a day trip out of it if there is one in a neighbouring county or state that interests you. A lot of museums are free of charge and provide a wealth of valuable information. Some museums are specifically geared towards children and take a multi-sensory approach to teaching the information.

Participate in the Summer Library Programs

Libraries are a great resource for summer programs. You’d be surprised at all the activities some libraries host during the summer months. Depending on your location you may be able to get in on art, crafts, science, health, and more. Besides all this, some libraries have a reading program and give out prizes.

Get Involved in a Sport or Music

The summer is a good time to start up a new sport or even tackle music lessons. Sports require exercise of the mind, but you don’t notice it since you’re having so much fun. Music can be a relaxing tonic for many people. The rhythm of the beat can be soothing while at the same time, you have to concentrate to play the notes. The rewards of accomplishing either playing a musical piece or winning a game is a great motivator too.

Go to the Beach!

The beach can be fun and relaxing, but it is also a great place to learn about water, tides, sea creatures, and lots of other stuff!

There’s so much stuff to do and learn at the beach! Don’t forget a pail and shovel!

As the summer heats up, don’t forget to keep the mind healthy with stimulation. Just like the earth needs sun and rain, our minds need relaxation and exercise. Be good to yourself and give it both.

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