Three exciting updates from Scratch Garden

Posted on Aug 21, 2017
Three exciting updates from Scratch Garden

Want the good news or the bad news first?

Just kidding! There’s nothing here but good news.

We’d like to share with you not one, not two, but THREE really exciting updates from Scratch Garden.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. Drum roll please…

Update #1: Introducing Scratch Garden’s FIRST children’s book

You loved the quirky characters in our punctuation video for kids, and now they’ve hit the big time!

Join the super-serious Period, the always confused Question Mark, the over-excited Exclamation Point, and the ravenous Comma as they try to decide what they should do together.

Of course, the all-star cast is in total disagreement, and their friendship hangs in the balance. Will they head to the library? Or set off on a dangerous adventure? Or will they talk about food, think about food, and eat food – did we mention food?

Suddenly, their universe is turned up-side-down when a strange newcomer arrives. The unexpected guest is full of wisdom, and shows the debating punctuation that life is a whole lot more fun when everyone works – and plays – together.

This book is a fun, fantastical, and down-right hilarious way for kids to learn about punctuation.

Watch the trailer below and head over to our book page to learn more.


Update #2: Check out the BRAND-NEW Scratch Garden blog

You know and love our educational videos, you sing our quirky songs in the shower, so check out our BRAND-NEW blog.

We’ll be posting a bit more information on each of our videos, as well as some supplementary learning resources. Our blog is a great place to dive even deeper into the Scratch Garden universe.

Check out our blog now at

Update #3: New videos from Scratch Garden EVERY WEEK

Guess what? Starting RIGHT NOW, there will be a new Scratch Garden video on our YouTube Channel EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

This is so exciting for us, as we’ve never had a video schedule before.

Expect new educational video content for kids every Tuesday, every week, for the remainder of 2017 and beyond…

Don’t miss a single video. Subscribe to Scratch Garden and switch on your notifications. Head over to now. You can also subscribe by pushing the button below!


Scratch Garden thanks you!

Thank you so much for your continued support. These three exciting updates from Scratch Garden are the start of more fantastic – and, as always, a little bit strange – things to come.

Learn more about us on our YouTube Channel or visit

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