The world’s first coding album for kids is here!

Posted on Feb 7, 2022

As computers take over the world (almost), we need even more people to tell them what to do (computers can’t think for themselves – yet). It’s no wonder teaching coding to kids has become increasingly popular. Problem is, there are still very few fun, engaging, and educational resources out there on the world wide web.

Until now.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Camp Coding Camp album, a world-first album of all-new, all-original coding songs for kids. The album goes along with our YouTube series of the same name, which explores the building blocks of programming in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

The Coding Songs Album by Scratch Garden

Coding Songs from Scratch Garden: a whole album dedicated to coding & computer science!

All about our coding songs for kids

Our new coding songs album is perfect for kids ready to dip their toes into the incredible world of computer science. The ten songs don’t teach a specific programming language. Instead, they explore the fundamentals of coding, including variables, loops, conditions, and functions.

That’s not all. Our catchy tunes touch on the skills coders need to create, collaborate, and thrive. Coding isn’t a dull, lonely activity. It’s creative, demands teamwork, and solves real-life problems. Our uplifting songs highlight the value of perseverance, explain why it’s important to break things down into smaller pieces, and show how we can work together to use our coding skills to make the world a better place.

Our coding album for kids has something for everyone, too, regardless of their musical preferences. You’re in luck if you’re a hip-hop fan, because so are we. We’ve also included a couple of funk, rock, and musical theatre style numbers. The one thing they all have in common: you’ll be singing them for weeks!

We’ve got videos, too!

If you listen to our Camp Coding Camp album and you, your students, or your kids can’t get enough, we encourage you to check out our 10-part YouTube series of the same name. Set within a forest campground, the female-led videos offer visual supports and lovable creatures and characters young learners are sure to adore. Give them a watch and help your students become coding superstars!

Listen to the first-ever coding album for kids

Ready to rock? Let’s go!

Programming just got a whole lot more fun. Jump in and listen to our Camp Coding Camp album today and discover how you and your young learners can think like coders in everyday life. The album is ideal for beginners – no prior knowledge required.

Listen to the whole Coding Songs album here!

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