The Life Cycle!

Posted on Oct 22, 2019
The Life Cycle!

When it comes to teaching or learning science, there might not be anything more fundamental than the cycle of life! All living things start from somewhere or something, then grow, reproduce, and die. What makes life cycles extra interesting is that they are also very different!

Learning About the Life Cycle

Young learners can often recognize elements of a life cycle, for example they often understand that a ‘kitten’ will grow into a larger cat. However, it can be tricky to visualize the start of a cat’s life, or even to explain that a kitten will one day grow up and have it’s own kittens (who in turn will one day grow up and have their own kittens)! Similarly, it may also be difficult for young learners to understand that a plant can actually make more plants! Luckily Scratch Garden has created a life cycle science video that visually connects all of the life cycle stages. Not only that, but this fun and interesting science video covers the life cycle of plants, animals, and insects, as it uses the life cycle of a bird, the life cycle of frog, and the life cycle of an insect as examples. This life sciences video by Scratch Garden is perfect for introducing science concepts for young learners.

the life cycle of a plant, bird, frog, and butterfly

All living things have a life cycle!

The fourth verse of The Life Cycle Song and Video is extra long because it deals with the living thing with the coolest life cycle: the butterfly! Butterflies have a very interesting metamorphosis where they start from eggs, turn into caterpillars (or larva), then form a cocoon (or chrysalis) within which they finally turn into a butterfly:

the life cycle of a butterfly explained

The butterfly life cycle consists of four main stages: 1) egg 2) caterpillar 3) chrysalis 4) butterfly

If you are looking for more science videos, especially science videos with fun and original music, be sure to check out Scratch Garden’s science video playlist on our YouTube Channel!

Learn About the Life Cycle of a Frog with the Life Cycle Song!


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