Telling Time!

Posted on May 14, 2019
Telling Time!

Telling time is an important skill that takes lots of practice to learn properly!

How to Tell Time on a Clock

There are so many confusing things about telling time: different sets of hands, different sets of numbers, and the whole AM vs PM concept. AND there are two completely different kinds of clocks! Take a deep breath… it’s OK! Scratch Garden can help you learn all about the big hand vs. the small hand and telling time on digital AND analog clocks.

How to Tell Time. We can do it together!

It is tricky to tell time with two clocks!

The reality is, even though an analog (old fashioned) clock and a digital (all the fashion with the kids these days) clock look very different, they are indeed telling you the same thing. There are two sets of numbers on each clock. The first set of numbers goes up to 12 and then starts all over again and tells you the hour. This is the little hand on the analog clock and the left set of numbers on a digital clock. The second set of numbers goes up to 60 and then starts all over again and tells you the minutes. This is the big hand on an analog clock and the right set of numbers on a digital clock. You usually don’t actually see the actual numbers that go up to 60 on an analog clock, they are often invisible or represented by dashes or small dots or marks.

There are two ways to tell time!

Stop arguing you guys and just tell me the time!!!

Adding to the complexity is that certain times of the day have different names and there are different ways of saying the same thing! For example, when telling the time to the nearest quarter hour like in the example above, you can say that it is a) 1:45 b) a quarter to two, and c) one-forty-five, and you would be right each way!

This is where practice and repetition come in handy. And Scratch Garden are the experts at making music that makes practice and repetition actually fun! We have made a funny clock song for kids to help kids to know how to answer the question ‘what time is it’?!!?

The Telling Time Song

If you are looking to learn how to read a clock watch the video below. We are telling you that this song will help you tell time!


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