Take a Hike Up Plot Mountain

Posted on Nov 24, 2017
Take a Hike Up Plot Mountain

Ever wondered how stories work? How the twists and turns, the characters and settings, the questions and the answers come together?

Well, we know a way you can find out. It’ll require a bit of physical exertion, and we suggest packing a spare change of clothes.

Get ready, because we are on our way up Plot Mountain. Now, ‘Plot Mountain’ is often use to describe a plot diagram – which happens to be shaped like a mountain.  But we are going to actually go up a mountain at the same time! A word of warning, legend has it there’s a dragon living in the deepest, darkest caves.

First stop: the introduction

When introducing story structure for kids, you’ve got to start somewhere. Our hike begins right here, at the introduction.

Every story has got to start somewhere…

The introduction answers questions like:

  • Who are the characters? What do they look like? Why should we care about them?
  • Where are we? Where is the plot set? What does it look like?

The introduction should cover all the basics – the who, what, when, and where.

Up we go: the rising action

Tighten your laces and get ready to climb – we are entering the rising action.

Here’s where things get tricky, where the story heats up, where conflict is introduced. Maybe there’s an argument between two characters, or an extreme natural disaster, or something or someone gets lost. The possibilities are endless!

View from the top: the climax

Congratulations. You’ve reached the peak of Plot Mountain. Take in the view, breathe the fresh air, stop for a bite to eat… Just kidding. There’s absolutely no time to rest during the climax of the story.

High intensity, high drama, high action – the climax.

The climax is where the story is the most intense, dramatic, and emotional. It’s the boss battle, the great realization, the turning point. Once we enter the climax, there is no going back.

When teaching plot structure to kids, you’ll want to emphasise just how important the climax is.

On the way down: the falling action

Take a big sigh of relief. The worst is finally behind us. But that doesn’t mean its smooth sailing. We’ve still got a pretty big mountain to hike down, and there could be trouble along the way.

The falling action is where the story slows down. Small issues may come up, but the end is near.

Home sweet home: the resolution

You did it! You conquered Plot Mountain. You’re now a story structure expert.

And they all lived happily ever after… or did they?

The resolution ties up any loose ends – or asks new questions that will be answered in a sequel. The characters return from their journey, they make up, and solve any remaining problems.

Watch the video now!

Introduce plot structure to kids with our fun and wacky video and song. Join our cast of characters on their journey up Plot Mountain.


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