Singing Round Songs!

Posted on Nov 18, 2019
Singing Round Songs!

Songs ‘in the round’ are a great way to get multiple people involved in singing at the same time!

Understanding Round Songs

Round Songs are musical songs where two or more people are singing a similar melody, but the words and the starting time are different for each person (or group of people). They are a bit tricky at first but a great think for young musicians to practice and get better at! One advantage is that each person often only has to sing one line that is easy to remember. However, as the new people get involved singing new lines in the song, it can often become more challenging to concentrate on singing your own line!

Singing in the Round Black Socks

How many black socks does it take to sing black socks???

Practicing Round Songs with Kids

Singing songs in the round with kids gives them the opportunity to practice two essential musical skills: 1) harmony and 2) rhythm/timing. Singing different parts with different people forces someone to hear their own voice with other voices, and to hear how they are harmonizing with others. And while the different lines, or parts of songs in the round may have different words and melodies, they are always designed to be the same length. So, singing and making sure that you are starting and ending at the same spot as another group is a great way to think about and practice timing in music.

Fish and Chips and Vinegar

Round Songs can sing about many weird different things with many different people (or jars of mayonnaise)!

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Practice Songs in the Round with our Videos!



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