Repeat after me: camp songs for kids

Posted on Oct 12, 2017
Repeat after me: camp songs for kids

Imagine it now.

Lakeside, tent pitched, the sweet serenity of nature all around you. Light a fire, make some S’mores, and watch the world drift gently by.

Absolute bliss.

There’s just one thing missing – campfire songs!

Here at Scratch Garden, we love a good camp song. Our original campfire songs for kids are incredibly catchy, extremely fun, and just a little bit strange.

What are campfire songs?

No camping trip is complete without a good old-fashioned sing-a-long. And, there’s no better way to get everyone involved in the fun than campfire songs.

Campfire songs are simple tunes that feature easy-to-memorize, repetitive lyrics. Everyone is encouraged to join in, sing loudly, and bust out their very finest dance moves.

In some camp songs, everybody sings together. This is a fantastic way to get everyone loosened up and in the singing mood. In other words, camp songs get the whole gang singing loud and proud, until they go absolutely bananas.

Don’t believe us? Play this tune on your next camping trip. Find the video at the bottom of this post.

Go Bananas! Go Go Bananas!

Other camp songs for kids operate in a “repeat after me” style. Repeat after me songs work like this: the lead singer calls out a line, and the rest of the gang sing it back. These are great for bigger groups, and help get kids into the camping spirit.

Here’s an example you can try right now.

Repeat after me.

There was a great big moose. There was a great big moose.

He liked to drink a lot of juice. He liked to drink a lot of juice.

There was a great big moose. There was a great big moose.

He liked to drink a lot of juice. He liked to drink a lot of juice.

Discover the rest of the song by watching The Great Big Moose video below.

Sing about a moose that loves juice!

Why sing campfire songs?

Not sure campfire songs for kids are right for your next camping trip?

Well, here are just a couple of reasons why you should take out the guitar (or smart phone…) and get the whole family singin’ along.

  • Camp songs are a fun way to practice the skill of memorizing.
  • Camp songs get everyone involved. The young, the old, the unenthused – no one can help but sing along.
  • Camp songs make valuable memories. In years to come, your kids will remember singing along as a family while out in the wilderness.

Find your next favorite repeating songs at Scratch Garden

Check out these videos to discover your next go-to camp song.






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