Remembering Schoolhouse Rock!

Posted on May 16, 2018
Remembering Schoolhouse Rock!

Bob Dorough, the creative genius behind ‘Schoolhouse Rock,’ recently passed away at the age of 94. Schoolhouse Rock was a television segment that aired during the Saturday morning cartoons on the ABC network between 1973 and 1985. It was revived in the 90s, with both new and old episodes airing between 1993 and 1999.

Schoolhouse Rock was the first video series that took educational topics, such as grammar, science, history, mathematics, and economics, and transformed them into incredibly catchy tunes and fun, humorous videos.

These videos were loved by all. In fact, anyone who grew up during the 70s, 80s, and 90s can likely recall their favourite song.

If you’ve never seen a Schoolhouse Rock video, we suggest you take 3-minutes out of your day to watch one of the top videos listed below. Hey – you might learn a thing or two!

Our three favourite Schoolhouse Rock videos

1. Conjunction Junction

This extremely catchy tune describes the purpose of conjunctions – and, but, or. The song is so clever and fun that there are people from a particular generation that will still sing ‘Conjunction Junction, what’s your function’ all these years later.

Complete with a cast of quirky characters – the train junction worker and the ‘dirty but happy’ train hoppers, to name a few – this animated video is a Schoolhouse Rock staple.

Relive your childhood or watch for the first time. We guarantee you’ll catch yourself humming the tune or singing ‘Conjunction Junction, what’s your function’ throughout the day.

2. Interplanet Janet

Clever rhymes are a staple of Schoolhouse Rock’s educational videos, and there is no better example than the classic ‘Interplanet Janet’ song.

Interplanet Janet is a galaxy girl from the future, who takes us on a journey through our solar system. She pays a visit to the sun, and then to Mercury: ‘Mercury was near the sun, so Janet stopped by. But the Mercury on Mercury was much too high.’ Janet then drops into every planet in the Milky Way, including Earth.

It’s a fantastically fun video overview of our solar system.  We haven’t done a solar system video (yet!) but have definitely gone to space!

3. Busy Prepositions

Trying to remember or teach those pesky prepositions? ‘Busy Prepositions’ is a relatively new Schoolhouse Rock video that goes through each preposition and details their function.

The ‘busy’ prepositions are like little worker ants, lifting nouns and pronouns and putting them in their place, whether that be on the grumpy man’s head or over the rainbow.

We, too, are no strangers to Preposition Songs and have three of them… here, here, and here!

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