Punctuation Video for Kids

Posted on Jul 20, 2017
Punctuation Video for Kids

Looking to explain punctuation to kids or ESL students? There’s only so much explaining you can do. The best idea is to let the punctuation speak for itself.

That’s where our video explaining punctuation comes in. We bring periods, question marks, exclamation marks, and commas to life!

Note: Our punctuation characters are now starring in our first ever book!

Why do we need punctuation?

Punctuation is very important! It expresses our tone, and can help others understand our writing.

without punctuation everything would be a total disaster nothing would make sense isnt that right have you ever tried to write without punctuation its harder than it looks

To avoid writing like that, it’s essential for kids to grasp the proper use of punctuation.

Let the punctuation speak

In our simple punctuation video, we turn the period, the question mark, the exclamation mark, and the comma into a character that explains its use in a basic, easy-to-understand, and at times humorous way.

Stay tuned to the end when we meet an unexpected visitor.

Here’s a quick overview.

Periods come after complete thoughts. Period.

What is small and round, and comes at the end of a sentence? Periods! Also known as the full stop, the period signifies a complete thought. There’s one right there. And there.

What in the world is a question mark?

Question marks signify a question. When you ask a question, you put a question mark at the end instead of a period. Here’s an example.

What’s the point of asking questions?

Why are you asking me?

Who else would I ask?

Don’t you know anyone else who knows about questions?

No – do you?

What do you think?

Wowee! Exclamation marks are fun!

When you’re excited, or angry, or just want to TALK LOUDLY, exclamation marks can be used instead of a period. As the name suggests, they are used alongside exclamations to express volume, excitement, or surprise. You know when everyone yells, “Surprise!” at a birthday party? You don’t! Haven’t you ever thrown a surprise party before! Oh my word!

I like cookies, and commas.

As well as loving cookies, commas mark a pause in a sentence. They are useful when writing lists, too.

Commas mark pauses, and love cookies, cupcakes, and cucumbers.

For example, when you’re packing for a beach day, your list might look something like this: swimmers, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, book, beach ball, beach chair, and camera.

Watch our how to use punctuation video


Teaching kids basic punctuation is easier than ever with our quirky Punctuation Explained (by Punctuation!) video. Check it out now! Do it. Why aren’t you watching it right now? Oh, I see. Yes, I’ll be more patient.

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