New album alert! Listen to the English Language Learning Songs album today

Posted on Apr 23, 2022

We have something exciting to announce… A brand-new album! Featuring 10 original songs, this quirky yet educational album is all about learning the English language. It’s a hit with kids learning English. It’s a must for teachers teaching English. And it’s a whole lot of fun for ESL learners of all ages.

??Listen to the whole English Language Learning Songs album here!??

English Language Day at the UN

We are releasing our English Language Learning Songs album on April 23, which is also English Language Day at the UN. The date is observed as both the birthday and death day of the master of language himself, William Shakespeare.

Like us, the UN celebrates cultural diversity and multilingualism, which makes this very special date the perfect opportunity for our album release. So, if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the English language, the Scratch Garden team has you covered.

Why you’ll love our English Language Learning Songs album

Music makes learning fun, and stories are remembered 22 times more than facts. Put the two together, and you have a recipe for an extraordinary teaching and learning experience.

Our 10 catchy songs explore many different aspects of learning the English language, from punctuation to prepositions. Each track has a popular accompanying animated YouTube video, too, which, in true Scratch Garden style, is sure to make you laugh.

We cover a lot of ground musically, so you’ll be singing along in no time, whether you’re into pop, rock, or hip-hop.

A sneak peek into the tracklist

Here’s a quick look at the songs featured on our new album:

The Vowel Sounds Song – Did you know each of the five vowels has two sounds? Mind-blowing, right?

The Sentence Song – Sentences are fundamental to reading, writing, and speaking English. This track looks at capital letters and punctuation.

The Prepositions Song – This is the first of three songs that feature our good friend Happy Cheese. Happy Cheese teaches us about prepositions (aka location words).

The Spelling the Numbers Song – Did you know there’s a way to write 2, too? It’s two! Insider tip: if you watch the video to the end, you’ll uncover a secret salamander song.

The Five Ws Song – With the help of our ladybug friends, we learn all about the five Ws of storytelling.

The More Prepositions Song – You heard it here first, folks. There are even more location words you need to know.

Plot Mountain – Discover how stories are structured by journeying up a mountain. No real-life hiking required.

The Parts of a Book Song – From the author to the title, this song shows us how to identify the many parts of a book.

The Motion Prepositions Song – You heard right. Even more prepositions. Except this time, we’re on the move.

Sight Words Rap – We manage to fit all 100 sight words into a rap. Don’t believe us? Listen for yourself.

Let’s do this!

Jump in and listen to our English Language Learning Songs album now!

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