Master the Map with Geography Videos for Kids

Posted on Sep 14, 2017
Master the Map with Geography Videos for Kids

Teach kids how to become the master of the map with our fun and quirky geography videos for kids, ELL and ESL.We’ll cover the key map-reading terms and concepts. Proceed with caution – our geography song is incredibly catchy. If you’re still singing it next week, don’t say we didn’t warn you.Here’s a brief overview of each concept the video covers.

East and West Hemispheres

Think back to your days in school. Try and remember your geography lessons. Can you recall learning about the hemispheres? No? Maybe? You don’t know?

A quick definition: a hemisphere is half of a sphere. In the geographical context, half of planet Earth. The world is divided into eastern and western, or northern and southern hemispheres by an imaginary line that runs through the North and South Poles.

In our introducing hemisphere videos, we transform this boring definition into a catchy rhyme. Now sing it with me: “The world is round, shaped like a sphere and divided into the east and west hemisphere.”

Introducing the North and South Poles

Next up – the Poles. The land of insanely cold, freezing, eternal winter weather. The snow covered land masses that sit on the top and tail of our planet.

Introducing the North and South Poles

There are two Poles – North and South – that are determined by the Earth’s magnetic field. You might have heard of the North Pole before. It’s the birthplace and current residence of Mr. Santa Claus himself.

Again, we’ve created a catchy rhyme in our North and South Pole videos for kids.

Equator videos for kids

North, south, east and west – what about the middle?

The equator is the imaginary line (geographers love imaginary lines) that runs through the middle of the Earth. Countries situated on the equator enjoy year-long summer weather. Santa, you made the wrong choice.

Songs about the oceans for kids

Did you know, about 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water? Most of that is ocean.

In our teaching about oceans videos, well show kids how to name each of the five oceans:

  1.      Pacific Ocean
  2.      Atlantic Ocean
  3.      Arctic Ocean
  4.      Indian Ocean
  5.      Southern Ocean

What about Continents?

Yep – our geography video for kids introduces the seven continents:

  1.      North America
  2.      South America
  3.      Europe
  4.      Africa
  5.      Asia
  6.      Australia
  7.      Antarctica

Which one do you live in? Which would you like to visit?

Finally, introducing countries to kids

Last but certainly not least – the countries. There are nearly 200 countries on planet Earth, and we teach young kids to name every single one… in alphabetical order… in under 5 minutes.

Counting almost 200 countries is a lot of work!

Just kidding!

Watch our geography videos for kids right now

Go on. Become the master of the map. And learn a catchy song while you’re at it.


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