Let’s learn about bugs in coding!

Posted on May 17, 2021

You already know what bugs are in the natural world – creepy crawlies that are simultaneously exquisitely beautiful and utterly gross. But did you know there are bugs in coding, too? It’s time to learn about bugs!

Bugs exist in Coding

It’s a fact: bugs will always be a part of coding!

What are programming bugs?

Computer bugs don’t have six legs, and they don’t crawl around in your garden. Instead, programming bugs are mistakes in your code. These mistakes can cause all kinds of problems – your code might not work at all, it might get stuck in a loop, or it might do something totally unexpected.

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Bugs can be as simple as a typo. They can also be really complex and time-consuming to fix. It doesn’t matter if you’re only just learning how to code or you’ve been a master programmer for years – bugs in coding are unavoidable, 100 percent inevitable, as sure as the sun will rise. And chances are, when you experience a bug (or two or three or more), you’ll feel a wave of frustration wash over you. That frustration can grow even more powerful if you can’t find the bug.

Getting mad at bugs!

Don’t get mad! Bugs happen!

But try your very best not to get mad. Bugs are a part of the computer programming journey.

Debugging code for kids

So, you know you’ve got a bug on your hands. You’ve done a bit of bug hunting, and you’ve got your finger on the issue. Now what? Well, you fix it! Fixing bugs in code is a process called debugging.

What does debugging look like in the wild? Well, it’s a type of problem-solving. If it’s as straightforward as a typo, debugging the code is as easy as adding the missing letter, number, or character. If it’s something more complicated, debugging could mean re-writing a section of code or adding in new code.

How to prevent bugs in code

It’s impossible to prevent bugs in code entirely, but here are a few tips:

  • Before you start your code, make a plan.
  • If you’re teaching coding basics to kids, encourage them to design their code with paper and pen before they start writing.
  • If you get super-duper frustrated, take a break. Get off the computer and come back later with a clear mind.

Programming songs for kids

Ready to learn about bugs in coding? Let’s make bug hunting fun – watch our debugging song for young learners now.

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