Learning the Days of the Week!

Posted on Apr 12, 2019
Learning the Days of the Week!

Teaching the Days of the Week

The Beatles said there were eight days a week, but we have reason to believe they were wrong.

There are actually nine.

All kidding aside, it can be tricky when teaching the seven days of the week in English, because the names of the days don’t really mean anything in relationship to the actual day. Maybe if it was always sunny on Sunday this would help, but we know that this isn’t actually true.

So, what we are left with is basically practice and repetition, practice and repetition, and practice and repetition. Did we mention practice and repetition?

A Picture of The Days of the Week

Ugh… so many days to remember when learning the days of the week…

Luckily, we can deal with those repetition blues by adding great sounds and melody to words to create a little thing we like to call: music.

Music can help with memorization because it can make words like the days of the week memorable and fun!

Add in fun visuals and Scratch Garden videos are now equal parts entertaining and educational and perfect for classroom learning. And of course we like to keep things silly:

A stinky sock is NOT a day

How many times do we have to tell you Gerald, a stinky sock is NOT a day!

We thought that the best thing (besides music) for learning the seven days of the week was to point out all the things that are not days of the week. A stinky sock for example is not a day of the week. A tiny pizza is not a day of the week. Other things that are not days of the week include: a pink piano, a house with a face, and an angry banana. We could go on but maybe you should see for yourself!

The Days of the Week Song for Kids

Even if you are not a kid, watch the Days of the Week Song Video to laugh, and learn the days of the week.


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