Learning How to Count

Posted on Sep 22, 2020

Do you know your numbers and how to count? Do you like playing counting games? Maybe you don’t know much about numbers. If you don’t, that’s OK, because we’re going to learn them together.

In no time, you’ll be a pro with numbers. Our new learn-to-count video will have you counting in your sleep — or maybe it’s counting sheep to fall asleep?

Hearing Numbers

You can start counting by hearing the numbers. Wait! Do numbers have a voice? Do they talk? 

Well, they may not have a voice, but they do have a particular sound when you say them just right. Knowing how to recognize their sound is the first step to understanding all about numbers.

Let’s hear the numbers now — One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!


But wait! Saying these words over and over probably means nothing to you, though. It’s just a word right now. Right? What is a one, and what is a two? Is there a three under my shoe? Do you see a four behind the door? Maybe there is a five, or maybe there is a six ready to play some tricks. Did you ever see an eight walking through the gate? Or a fancy nine with a lustrous shine? Don’t forget to look for ten. We think it might be around the next bend.

I know what we need! We need to SEE the numbers now so we can recognize them.

Counting real objects like spaghetti!

You can say the number ‘five’, write the number ‘5’, and count five actual things… like plates of spaghetti!

Seeing Numbers

Every number has a special shape.

Let’s take a peek to see the delightful look of our numbers one through ten. 

1 — one

2 — two

3 — three

4 — four

5 — five

6 — six

7 — seven

8 — eight

9 — nine

10 — ten

You did it! And you can do it again and again. Write these numerals down and say them at the same time.

WOW. Numbers are really starting to make more sense. When you see a numeral now, you know what number it represents. That’s important stuff.

But there is more. What are your numbers good for? What do we use them for? We can learn to count with numbers. We can count anything and everything we see.

Learning How to Count with Counting Videos for Kids

The fun thing about learning how to count is you can do it anywhere. No, really! I mean, anywhere. Are you at home with your toys? How many balls do you have? Pick them up and line them in a row. Now, count each ball you see, beginning at the number one. One, two, three, four, five. You can write the numbers down as you count them and say them.

Every day there are thousands of things all around you that you can count! If you need some practice, why not look at the real life example of a calendar. 

Practice Counting with a Calendar!

A calendar is a great way to start counting!

Let’s Watch the Counting Video

You can discover how easy counting can be by watching our educational math video on counting. It’ll be as easy as one, two, three — you’ll see! Give it a try and remember, get a pencil or crayons and paper to write the numerals down as you say them.



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