Learning About the Importance of Bees

Posted on Jul 16, 2019
Learning About the Importance of Bees

People are often scared to be around bees, but the truth is actually the opposite: we should all be scared to NOT be around bees!

What do we mean? Well… it turns out that bees are very important bugs. Believe it or not they help to make plants grow including plants that make fruits and vegetables. So without bees, there might not be tasty and healthy food to eat.

Teaching About Bees & Flowers & Plants

It is a multi-stage process, but don’t fear, we have broken it all down in the Bee Song video! But basically: bees collect pollen from the center of the flowers of plants in order to make honey. That very same pollen is also needed by other plants so that they can grow fruit and make it’s own seeds for future plants, through processes called pollination and fertilization. BUT pollen can’t move on it’s own, so bees help it to move essentially by accident! Bees spend so much time moving from flower to flower that can’t help but spread the pollen as they travel!

Learn about pollination with Scratch Garden's The Baby Bumble Bee Song

Learning about pollination has never BEEn so easy. Get it? BEEn?

This is the basic information you need when you are teaching the life cycle of plants and flowers. A plant starts as a seed in the ground, which then grows into a plant. The plant produces beautiful flowers that attract bees. When pollination and fertilization occur, fruit with seeds can grow. The seeds will often fall back into the grow which of course brings us all the way back to the beginning!

And did we mention… bees make honey!

Bees make honey!

Bees make delicious honey!

Scratch Garden’s Bee Song uses the classic nursery rhyme ‘Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee’ but with alternate lyrics that teach about the importance of bees and the importance protecting bees.

Learn About Bees with the Baby Bumble Bee Song!


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