Learning About Money!!!

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
Learning About Money!!!

Love it or hate it money is all around us. We use it every day to buy food, clothes, and even surf the Internet. But just because it is so common doesn’t mean it is an easy thing to learn about!

Teaching Currency to Kids

Young learners can often recognize a coin as being ‘money’, but explaining the ‘value’ of that coin takes a little bit more time. This is because the value of physical pieces of money is a pretty abstract concept:  every country has made coins and bills with different values, but these values can seem to be almost arbitrarily assigned! What do we mean? Well, in the United States and Canada, a dime is worth more than a nickel even though a dime is so much smaller and lighter than a nickel. Also, the number value of a coin is often printed really small, meaning you often need to rely on other factors like it’s shape and color to identify it. So, children usually have to rely on practice and memorization to understand what coins equal what values.

The tiny dime is worth 10 cents!

Luckily, Scratch Garden has created a song that will help learning about money easy! Our Money Song for kids is designed to teach dollars and cents so it makes sense! For each coin or bill, we repeat the value in our song, and also show how this value can be represented in 3 different ways. A dime for example can be written as “dime”, “10 cents”, and “$0.10”. This is potentially confusing for kids, but with practice and repetition it will become easier!

Money is everywhere!

Everywhere you go in the world there is money!

We will be making more money songs for different world currencies as time goes on. Be sure to check back to our YouTube Channel often!

Learn About Coin Values with the Money Song!






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