Learn About Colors with Robots and Unicorns!

Posted on Jul 6, 2017
Learn About Colors with Robots and Unicorns!

Imagine a world without color – colorless flowers, colorless rainbows, colorless unicorns. Nothing but bleak and boring shades of grey. There’s no fun in that!

Teach your kids or students a thing or two about color with Scratch Garden’s weird and wacky color learning videos. Join a robot and unicorn on a magical adventure from the world of greys to the paradise of primary, secondary, warm, and cool colors.

Let’s take a look at what young kids will learn from this color mixing video. (A word of warning before you hit play: this song will get stuck in your head.)

Primary colors – one, two, three

Primary colors – what in the world does that mean? For all the adults out there kicking themselves for not paying attention in art class, here’s a quick and easy definition.

Primary colors are a group of three colors from which all other colors can be created.

Basically, primary colors are the kings and queens of the color world, the ancient ancestors, the creators of all imaginable hues… You get the picture.

A world of primary colors – red, blue, and yellow

There are three primary colors:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow

This primary color video is a fun and fantastical way for kiddies big and small to learn about primary colors, and how you can mix primary colors to create (drumroll please)… secondary colors.

And then there were secondary colors

This color mixing video for preschoolers takes primary colors to a whole new level, a secondary level. Again, for all the daydreamers reading this, here’s a simple definition.

When two primary colors are mixed, secondary colors are made.

A world of secondary colors – orange, green, and purple

There are three secondary colors:

  1. Orange
  2. Green
  3. Purple

This color video for kids can help young artists mix and match paints to create magnificent masterpieces at home and at school.

Warm colors, cool colors

Now you know about primary colors. You understand secondary colors. You’re a color expert, right? Wrong.

There’s one more color concept left to learn: warm colors and cool colors. Watch the unicorn and robot closely in our warm and cool color video for children.

When we say warm colors and cool colors, we’re not talking about the temperature. Red things aren’t always hot to the touch (unless it’s fire – do not touch fire), and blue things aren’t always cold to the touch.

Warm colors vs. cool colors

Hot colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.) remind us of hot things, like the sun. Cool colors (blue, green, purple) remind us of cool things, like icy water.

Watch the video now


Join the robot and its unicorn friend on an educational adventure through the world of color. This short video will teach young kids the basic concepts of color theory. And if the song gets stuck in your head for days, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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