How to sort shapes by attributes

Posted on Jan 18, 2021

Shapes are everywhere. Look down, and you’ll see fallen leaves, each with a unique shape, round beetles, and rectangular picnic rugs. Look up, and you’ll see the circular sun and fluffy clouds.

Shapes have attributes, and we can use shape attributes to sort shapes. Pretty neat, huh?

In this math video for kids (at the bottom of this post), we learn all about sorting shapes by attributes, which helps with our understanding of 2D shapes.

So, what do you say? Ready to jump into our interactive shapes lesson? Woo-hoo! Let’s get started.

Understanding two-dimensional shapes

Before the kids can level up their math expertise and learn about the properties of shapes, let’s revisit the basics and practice the names of shapes.

Let's practice some shape names

First stop, practicing shape names

So, we know shapes have names. That much is easy. But shapes have something else, too. They have what’s called attributes. Attributes are something about a shape or something a shape has that makes it similar to or different from another shape.

What kinds of attributes do shapes have? Things like their size, color, and the number of sides are all attributes of shapes.

Fun fact: You have attributes, too! You might be tall with purple hair. Or short with a rainbow T-shirt.

Weird and wonderful shape attributes in action

Let’s take a look at some example attributes from our math video for kids. [Screen shot 1:54: Let’s name some of these shapes’ attributes

  • Our triangle has three sides and is blue.
  • Our square has four sides of equal length and is kind of furry.
  • Our circle has zero sides and is small and gray and kind of adorable.
  • Our rectangle has four sides, but they aren’t all the same length. Plus, it has spots.
  • Our pentagon has five sides (WOW) and is pink.
  • Finally, our peanut butter sandwich with a pickle on top is, well, brown and green and delicious.

Sorting shapes by attributes

We can use the attributes listed above to sort our shapes into categories.

First: food and non-food. The peanut butter sandwich with a pickle on top is the only food shape, so it can get out of here via rocket ship. Things can get a little strange around here.

No math video for kids is complete without a whacky invention, and this shapes lesson is no exception. Enter: The Shape Maker 17 ½. It’s ready to make some shapes, but we need you and the kids to help us sort shapes using their attributes.

Let’s focus on color. We can sort red shapes on the right side of the screen and green shapes on the left side. Get the kids to point along!

Sorting shapes by color

We can sort shapes by the attribute of color

That’s sorting by one attribute. It’s time for challenge mode – let’s sort shapes by two attributes. On the right, we’ll put shapes that are big AND have spots. On the left side, we’ll put shapes that are small OR have no spots.

Note the difference between the AND and OR statements. To go on the right side, a shape needs to be both big and spotty. To go on the left, a shape can be either small or spotless. So, big, non-spotty hexagon, you go on the left!

There you have it. You and the youngsters know all about the properties of shapes and sorting using attributes. If you’re intrigued and want the full experience, our friendly talking circle guy is ready to walk you through sorting shapes step-by-step.

Watch our interactive math video for kids now!

Who said learning about math was boring? Our lesson gets kids engaged with shapes and attributes. Plus, laughs are guaranteed. Watch the video now!



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