Fun Pattern Videos for Kids

Posted on Aug 17, 2017
Fun Pattern Videos for Kids

Patterns are everywhere in math, art, and in life. Learning how to recognise patterns is an important skill, and we make practicing patterns a whole lotta fun!

Join the robot, the singing mushroom, and the merry mini robots in our patterns videos for kids.

What is a pattern?

Before you can guess what comes next with the singing mushroom, you’ll need a basic understanding of what a pattern is.

Patterns are neat. Patterns are fun. Practice your patterns – three, two, one!

A pattern is a recurring sequence that follows a set of rules. Trust us, it’s less complicated than it sounds.

Here are a few examples of patterns you might recognise in your everyday life:

  • Say you’ve got a stripy T-Shirt. One stripe is red, and the other is white. The pattern goes red stripe, white stripe, red stripe, white stripe, red stripe, and so on.
  • Say you’re walking down the street, and you spot something unusual about the cars parked on the curb. There are six cars in a row: the first is blue, the second silver, and the third red. The forth is blue, the fifth silver, and the sixth red. You’ve noticed a pattern.
  • Say you’re setting up a game of chess. There’s something special about the chess board. One square is white, and the next is black. The next is white, and the next is black. You found another pattern!
    Now you are the pattern expert. It’s time to put your pattern spotting skills to the ultimate test in our introducing patterns videos ideal for kids, ESL and ELL students.

You vs. the singing mushroom

Are you brave enough to stand up against the singing mushroom? Are you ready to put your pattern knowledge to the ultimate test?

Take the challenge if you dare, and expect the unexpected in our pattern videos for kids.

Put your pattern skills to the ultimate test

The mushroom has the merry mini robots on his side, and he isn’t going to play nice. Here’s the first challenge.

Think you know what comes next? Watch our video below to find out

So what comes next? If you know, watch our patterns videos for ELL and ESL student.

Now the second challenge. This time, it’s all about introducing patterns with numbers.

Is it a 6? Is it a 3? Find out – watch our patterns videos for kids

Hungry for more? Practice two more patterns in our fun patterns videos.

Watch the video now

Need a teaching resource for patterns? Look no further. See if you can beat the singing mushroom in guessing what comes next.


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