Fun Music for Kids Has Arrived: Vol. 2 From Scratch Garden

Posted on Aug 13, 2018
Fun Music for Kids Has Arrived: Vol. 2 From Scratch Garden

Music is a great addition to everyone’s life. Kids especially love the energy that music brings to their lives, not to mention the wiggle it puts in their toes. Music delivers so many wonderful benefits to everyone’s life!

With all the positive effects of music, Scratch Garden is thrilled to introduce our new album of fun songs for kids. Vol. 2 is sure to inspire parents and kids alike. With titles like “Little Bunny Foo Foo” and “Go Bananas,” this album is definitely going to be a favorite for the whole family.

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Scratch Garden’s Vol 2. includes a total of 16 songs. There’s a great mix of educational, camp, and fun kids songs. One of our all-time most popular originals “The Humpty Dumpty Song” is included on the album. The video for this fun kid’s song has been viewed over 6 million times! Now you can listen to it anytime.

Here’s a break down of the track listing of our new album including 12 original songs:

Educational Songs

Fun Songs for Kids

“Camp” Cover Songs

There’s something for everyone in Vol. 2. Young learners will discover that what they’re trying to learn will come much faster when they are tapping their toes or snapping their fingers to a beat. Adults should enjoy the music as well, as we have always strove to make adult-sounding music that won’t annoy parents!

Kids of all ages will “go bananas” to our  silly camp songs that are sure to make people smile.

We make listening to our new album simple. You can purchase it to download so it’s readily available whether you’re online or offline. Or if you prefer, you can stream it through all the usual services. It’s now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, Spotify, and many other online music stores.

Download your album today and take it with you wherever you go. We make it easy to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere you are and on any device. Take these fun songs with you while you drive the kids to school or listen to them when at home.

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