Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Fractions for kids: Learning fractions the fun way

So, you know how to count things. Whole things. But there’s a whole (no pun intended) other way to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers, and our introduction to fractions math video is the perfect place to begin!

Actually, our fraction lesson is kind of revolutionary. Want to know why? Because we don’t use any pizza examples. Unbelievable, we know. We use fraction examples in everyday life to teach primary-aged kids all about quarters and halves and equal sharing.

Oh, and a quick disclaimer: No cartoons were harmed in the making of this video.

Introduction to fractions

Like all great stories, our fractions video starts from the beginning, with a quick, easy-to-understand introduction to fractions. The logic is simple: fractions are parts of whole things.

one-half plus one-half is equal to one whole

If one thing is split into 2 equal parts, we say that it is split into ‘halves’. Disclaimer: No cartoons were harmed in the making of this video

One cookie divided into two equal parts does not mean there are two cookies (the Kevins learn that the hard way a little later on – stay tuned). Instead, the two parts of the cookie are called halves. One half plus one half equals one whole.

Quarters and halves

So far, so good. Let’s keep going.

What happens when each cookie half is divided into two? See if the kids can guess.

No, we don’t have four cookies. We have one cookie divided into fourths. Fourths are also called quarters. One quarter plus one quarter equals one half. So, four quarters equals one whole.

Now, we’re really getting somewhere!

Fraction examples in everyday life

Sometimes, math can feel abstract. Numbers are just concepts, and perfect geometry can’t exist in the physical world. Is math even real, or is it entirely theoretical? What is the meaning of math? What is the meaning of life? Let’s not spiral into an existential crisis! Our head is spinning.

The cool thing about our math video is that it connects fractions – a mathematical concept – to real-world, pizza-free examples.

When it comes to equal sharing, fractions are critical. Let’s demonstrate. Enter: The Kevins. Meet Kevin, Extra Kevin, Secret Kevin, and Funnest Kevin. Nice guys. Their likeness is uncanny.

The Kevins love cookies (who doesn’t?), and as much as Secret Kevin wants to eat all the cookies himself, kind-hearted Extra Kevin knows that sharing is caring.

When there are eight cookies, equal sharing is pretty easy. Each of the four Kevins gets two cookies.

But what happens when our little circular narrator eats two of the cookies (after being snipped in half with a pair of scissors, he deserves a sweet treat). How can we divide six cookies among four Kevins? See if the kids can guess.

The answer: Make some fractions!

Equal cookies for each Kevin!

In this ‘fair share’ problem, each Kevin gets one and one-half cookie.

Give each Kevin one cookie. Then, we can break the two remaining cookies into halves. So, each Kevin gets one and one-half cookies.

Sharing is a beautiful thing – too bad our little circular narrator isn’t really feeling it in this math video. He eats another five cookies. Just one cookie remains, and Secret Kevin has his eye on it.

Alas, Extra Kevin wins out, and the Kevins decide to share the remaining cookie equally. So what happens when you divide one whole into four equal parts? See if the kids can guess.

That’s right! We have fourths, also known as quarters. So each Kevin gets one-quarter of a cookie. Yes, they are disappointed, but Scratch Garden is here to teach, not to feed the Kevins.

Fractions and quarters and halves, oh my!

Ready to watch the funniest, most fantastical fractions video for kids? Go forth! The next time you’re sharing cookies with three other people who inconspicuously have the same name as you, you can feel confident dividing them equally. Everyone wins!


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