The Five W’s Video Teaches How to Tell a Story

Posted on Jul 27, 2017
The Five W’s Video Teaches How to Tell a Story

To help you explain storytelling structure to children or ESL students, Scratch Garden presents five adorable ladybugs bouncing on the keys of a piano. There, now that got your attention, didn’t it? My guess is, that’s exactly what you want to do – get your students’ attention so you can explain to them how they can tell an attention-grabbing story that makes sense.

A fluent, intelligent, absorbing story needs to answer the five W’s. These are; who, what, where, when and why.

The Five W’s are essential for good storytelling structure. Ladybugs are optional.

Our video makes this super-clear by placing each question on a sign, on a spring, on a ladybug’s back. Of course we did. Because here at Scratch Garden, we think we’re pretty good at thinking up original characters for imaginative stories. Show your students our video and they’ll soon be ready to create their own characters for their story.

How to Tell a Story That Makes Sense

When kids or ELLs see our story structure video, it will help them to remember the five W’s they need to include in their own stories. Check out the video below and see how we place pictorial examples of each W inside an animated book.

A story needs a who: like a grandma, a dog, or even you!

A good story needs characters (who), it needs to explain what happened, where and when those events occurred, and give some sort of reason why. Our video gives real examples – which you could use to start off your own practical storytelling exercises. We’ve also added rhymes, a catchy tune, and upbeat music to get you smiling and tapping away.

We hope our five W’s story structure video helps you demonstrate the five elements that need to go into a narrative to make a good story, tale or anecdote.

Watch the video now


And that’s the end of our story. What ending will your kids and ESLs give to their story?

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