100 Days of School!!!

Posted on Feb 5, 2019
100 Days of School!!!

100 is awesome!
100 is great!
100 days of school…
It’s time to celebrate!!!

Doing many things for 100 days is no easy task… and school is no different! 100 days of school means 100 days of learning! For a teacher or an educator, it means 100 days of planning, organizing, supervising, and of course… teaching!

100 Days of School is finally here!

Celebrate 100 Days of School!

All around the world, classrooms are gearing up to recognize the 100th day of school. While it is great to have fun, isn’t school also supposed to be educational? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Scratch Garden has created a special video to celebrate 100 Days of School that just happens to be full of learning!

Because you know what… 100 is an AMAZING NUMBER that can be easily related to many math, science, and even social science school lessons.

100 is awesome. When counting up, 100 is the first number with 3 digits. This must have been pretty special back in the day, because the Romans gave it it’s own numeral: C! Speaking of words that start with C, 100 years has it’s own special term called a ‘Century’. What kind of things can happen in a century?

100 is a very important number when it comes to money and currency

Teaching About the Number 100

100 is a very important number when teaching math:

  • A percent (%) is an amount also called a fraction and it is expressed out of 100.
  • 100 is the base number for many currencies. For example a dollar or a Euro is made up of 100 cents, and one pound is made up of 100 pence. And we just made a rhyme!
  • In the metric system, 100 centimeters is the same as 1 meter.
  • The first 9 prime numbers add up to 100. So cool!

100 is a very important number when teaching science:

  • When using the Celsius temperature system, water boils at exactly 100 degrees!
  • There is an imaginary line in the sky called the Karman line that 100 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. Many consider this the end of the earth’s atmosphere and the start of ‘outer space’!

Putting it All Together

We’ve always believed that learning and fun don’t have to be separate things. So watch the 100 Days of School Song and get up and dance and learn AT THE SAME TIME!



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