Who’s up first in this catchy musical video that explains the Five W’s of storytelling. When are you going to watch it? How about now? Why? Why not? Where? Right here!

P.S. Watch out for falling ladybugs.


Five W’s
Five W’s
You can’t tell a story
Without Five W’s

Who Who Who
A story needs a Who,
Like a Grandma,
or a dog, or even you!

What What What
A story needs a What,
Like a birthday party,
Or the fish you caught!

Where Where Where
A story needs a Where,
Like your bedroom, at the beach,
Or over there!

When When When
A story needs a When,
Like this morning, or on Tuesday,
Or back then!

Why Why Why
A story needs a Why,
Like ‘because you missed the bus’,
Or ‘because they wanted to fly…!’

Five W’s
Five W’s
You can’t tell a story
Without Five W’s


  1. Michelle Howard
    December 3, 2015

    Hi I was wondering if you could sent me the notes you used for this song. I am actually using this song for a class project but we are required to show the musical notation. Your songs are really great for early education and worked perfect for my pretend lesson plan! I hope to hear for you soon.

    Thank you,

  2. Janice McDonald-Zavarce
    April 5, 2016

    Hey Steve, Susan and David

    Scratch Garden is wonderful. Years ago, there was a program called ‘Chime Along’ which helped many kids learn to read with songs and little books. The vocab was leveled. My grade twos in Keswick loved it. Maybe consider making some read a long videos. I am telling everyone out here in our new home in Squamish about Scratch Garden. We live right across from Carlos and his Danielle is a French teacher. Considering some material en francais??
    Best of luck guys. You have hit this niche dead on in my opinion.

    Janice McDonald

  3. johan
    June 8, 2016

    Hello, good afternoon, can I have this song in my émail ?. Or how can I download it to the computer ? Please, help me, I really neeed for next friday June 10th.


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